Belazu Ingredient Co.’s Spanish Style Potato Salad

Take your taste buds to Spain with this Spanish style potato salad. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

This potato salad can be served warm or room temperature but is best eaten on the day that it’s made, as potatoes are never the same once they have been put in the fridge.

A good dose of Early Harvest Olive Oil instead of mayonnaise, combined with the Aged Malt Vinegar brings a real gentle sweetness to the dish. The flavourings are a nod to a Spanish classic, patatas alinadas.


750g waxy baby potatoes
100ml Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20ml Aged Malt Vinegar
2 Spring onions, very finely chopped
Freshly ground Black Pepper


Place the potatoes in a pan that fits them all and cover with cold water. Add a generous amount of salt, so the water tastes slightly salty, and turn the heat onto high. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to a rolling simmer and cook for around 10-12 minutes so that the potatoes are just cooked. The tip of a sharp knife should reach the centre but the potatoes should not be too soft.

Drain into a colander and allow to dry. When cool enough to handle, cut into small, bite-size chunk.

Quickly rinse and dry the pot that was used for the potatoes and place on a very low heat. Add the Olive Oil and heat for a minute or so – you only want to gently warm the oil. Add the spring onions and then add the potatoes and the Vinegar. Stir gently so that everything is mixed together and the potatoes can then bathe in the Olive Oil. Do not mix them too much otherwise you could end up with a rough mash. Taste and add more salt if you think it needs it. A residue will have formed on the skins after boiling and this is often enough.

Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes so that the potatoes will absorb some of the Olive Oil and the flavours can mingle. Serve with freshly ground black pepper.